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Chalk Paint Wax Brush 50mm

Chalk Paint Wax Brush 50mm

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Our brushes are made of pure hog bristles with wooden beech handles. Investing in a good brush will make a huge difference to your finish and the ease of the job.

  • Prior to painting wet your brush slightly to open up the bristles. Dip it in water and dry off on piece of cloth then commence painting.
  • Chalk effects is water based so simply wash your paint brush in cold water until all paint is rinsed out
  • To maintain top condition of your brush you can periodically wash in hair conditioner but ensure it is not a colour hold conditioner.
  • To wash your wax brush simply wash in warm soapy water such as a detergent or laundry powder. If your brush hardens prior to washing it you will need to soak it in turpentine for a short time and then rinse.
  • We recommend that you keep your paint brush as a paint brush and your wax brush just for waxing and write wax on it.
  • Most new brushes will loose a few hairs to begin with. Simply allow the paint to dry with the bristle in it and when dry simply roll off prior to applying the next coat.