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How to

We have made it simple and easy......

Before you Start...

  • The surface needs to be clean and free of peeling paint and dust.
  • Tannin rich timbers may need a stain block sealer before painting
  • No need to sand if the surface is in good condition.



  • Stir your paint well with a flat paint stirring stick
  • Apply thin even coats of paint to the surface with a soft bristle brush or foam roller allowing 30 mins minimum between coats.
  • Once you have given your piece 2-3 coats lightly rub down with a fine sand block to create a chalky smooth feel. Remove any dust with a dry cloth.


  • Apply your choice of sealer to protect your paint. Follow the directions of your chosen sealer from our range... carnauba wax, hemp oil, clear sealer.

Coverage... 11-14m2 per litre

Store... Store in a cool dry place

Clean up... Our product is water based for easy cleaning.

Note... Perfect paint conditions are between 10-30 degrees Celsius.

Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.



Barleyfields Chalk & Clay is a 100% Australian owned and made.

Our paint is designed for painting furniture in many different styles.

Eco friendly and low VOC, we have kept you and our environment in mind.

No Prep... No priming... No fuss... Just enjoy your painting experience!